Billing and Claims


We’d always prefer to speak with you directly but if you can’t reach us and need to make a payment or urgently report a claim, please find your insurance company information below to call or click the link to visit their website:

Pekin Insurance   Billing 800-322-0160 x2010    Claims  800-735-4611

Grange Insurance   Billing  800-422-0550   Claims  800-445-3030

Safeco Insurance   Billing  888-723-3260  Claims  800-332-3226

Western Reserve Group  Billing 877-566-0699  Claims 800-362-0426

State Auto  Billing  800-444-9950  Claims 800-766-1853

Travelers  Billing  800-842-5075  Claims 800-252-4633

Encompass  Billing   Claims 800-588-7400

Progressive  Billing  800-876-5581  Claims 800-274-4499

Nationwide/Allied  Billing  800-282-1446 Claims  800-282-1446

Liberty Mutual Commercial  Billing 800-290-2920  Claims 800-362-0000

Pike Mutual  Billing 330-345-2005  Claims  330-345-2005

Hagerty  Billing  888-220-9565  Claims 888-220-9565

If your current company is unlisted, please call us directly 740-966-3180 to make payment arrangements or report a claim. As mentioned above, we would always prefer you go through our agency to make your payments and report any claims. Most of the company claim numbers are answered 24/7 so you could reach them even when our office is closed. If you are unsure where to call and you need an urgent response, call Alison Speck on her cell 740-404-5719 and leave a message.


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