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The craziness of this Central Ohio weather (especially here in Licking County) sure makes you feel for the farmers (and their animals)! I’m sure they have

enjoyed having some warmer weather over the late winter to work on their many projects but this cold and snowy Spring probably has them looking closely at the calendar as they make plans for planting season. This is definitely an issue they face year in and year out though as the seasons change. Here at MVP Insurance we understand the many complexities of farm insurance and work as a partner to make sure adequate coverage is in place to keep things moving even when disaster strikes. 

Another one of the complexities the farmers are dealing with today is in the realm of technology. I recently had the opportunity to view some of the technology one of our local grain farmers uses in his operation and was blown away. The amount of detailed information they have at their fingertips from satellites and the GPS software is amazing. Putting this technology in place on the family farm is allowing much more efficient planting and better yields for years to come. For a smaller farm it can be a costly investment to implement these technologies. We need to make sure that investment is protected in order for this to continue to help the farm for the future. When thinking about your farm insurance needs, have you mentioned your technology upgrades

to your agent? 

Speaking of family farms, as the farm transfers from generation to generation it is very interesting how it changes or doesn’t change. The insurance needs of the farm 20+ years ago was much different than it is today. For this reason, we recommend reviewing your insurance policies as frequently as annually. When speaking with family owned farms that are 2nd or 3rd generation, we find there is a lot of loyalty and relationships that continue through each transfer. They use the same equipment dealers, feed suppliers, seed companies, repair shops, and even car dealerships that the family has always used. Sometimes that is the case for the insurance company as well but often the local agent is no longer there due to retirement or other changes. We appreciate that loyalty greatly, the only thing we caution is to make sure that the policies are kept up to date. It seems that sometimes after the trusted family agent has moved on or retired, the policy isn’t managed or cared for in the same way which could cause some important coverage to be left off or not updated as times have changed. We would like to come alongside you and be that trusted resource to not only provide you the coverage you need but to be there when you need us. MVP Insurance has been around for 5 years now and is staffed with 30+ years of experience. As a family business with one generation leading the next one into the future, we’re familiar with the way that goes and would love to be there with you through that process on your farm. As you can see below, we’re grooming our next generation to have a knowledge of farm equipment already!

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