Do you need Travel Insurance?

 One of my passions is traveling and as a young married couple my husband and I traveled as much as our work schedule and budget allowed. We wanted to see everything and go as far away as we could to experience new adventures.

    We visited a tiny island in Fiji where we were served Kava by the school children in the village. We climbed to the tops of mountains, ruins, churches, and buildings to get the best view at every destination. While we’re still passionate about travel and want to experience the different cultures of each place we travel, our trips look a little different now. We have three little ones to consider and involve in these adventures now. As you can see we still try to reach the highest point as we’re up in the mountains of beautiful St. Thomas.  We’ve been very lucky in our travels so far and never had to miss a trip due to an unexpected illness, death in the family, or weather issue. Although that one time after Oktoberfest in Munich when we were 15 minutes late to the airport (still 45 minutes before take off), trip insurance would have helped us with the change fees we incurred – leaving us just with the hotel bill for the extra night we spent in Frankfurt.

Travel these days with the kids in tow, we have to think of more “what if’s”. That is where travel insurance has come to mind for us. For others traveling with an elderly person who could have a change in health prior to the trip or if you have elderly family that needs your care suddenly back home or maybe an unexpected change at work requiring you to miss the trip. I could go on and on but the reasons for adding travel insurance to your vacation budget are really endless.

We’ve done some research and found a plan that offers a few different options to fit various travel plans and it is very affordable. The plan covers things like cancellation, change fees, trip interruption costs, delays, missed connections, accident and sickness medical expense, emergency evacuation, lost and damaged baggage, delayed baggage and more. Each plan has a list of reasons you may need to cancel or interrupt your trip – we can share with you the full list but some of the items on the list include: sickness (includes family), weather, traffic accident en route, destination evacuation, terrorist attack, pregnancy, job loss, injury or death, work reasons, bankruptcy and more. The last thing you want to do after planning a dream vacation is to have to cancel but at least if you spent a little extra on trip insurance, you won’t have the financial loss on top of the difficult situation and missed vacation. The plan is quick and easy to purchase through MVP – we just need to know the dates of the trip, age of travelers, and per person cost to provide you with your options.

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